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2010 National Higher Diploma in Plastic Expression (DNSEP)

Higher School - Decorative Arts of Strasbourg - France - Ceramic Option


2008 National Diploma of Plastic Arts (DNAP)

Higher School - Decorative Arts of Strasbourg - France - Ceramic Option


2005 Applied Arts Technician Certificate (BTAA)

High School of Ceramics - Longchamp - France -Option of decorations on Ceramics



Solo shows

2017 "Nos eaux profondes" - Espace 110 - Illzach - France

2016 "Nos eaux imaginaires" - Le Séchoir - Mulhouse

2011 "Coudre la terre, au fil des rencontres" - Creators' pavilion - Wesserling



Group shows


2019 Alcora International Ceramics Competition (CICA 39) - Alcora Museum - Spain

2018 Biennal for Contemporary European Ceramic Context - Bornholm - Denmark

2017 Curator of the exhibition "La Jambe" - Le Séchoir - Mulhouse - France

2016 Salon MAD # 2 - Maison Rouge - Paris - France

2014 Contemporary Ceramics Fair - Ceramics 14 - Paris

         European Contemporary Art Fair - St 'Art - "Carte Blanche" - Strasbourg - France

         "Réseaux" - Contemporary art course - FEW - Wattwiller - France

2013 International Biennial of Contemporary Ceramics - Châteauroux - France

2012 "Terre Plein" - Museum of La Piscine - Roubaix - France

2011 "25 years of the washhouse" - Le Lavoir de Clamart - France




2014 - 2017 Founding member and resident of the artistic place Le Séchoir -Mulhouse - France

2011 - 2012 Residence "Terre-Plein" at T. Chagué - Taintrux - France

Construction of an Anagama kiln - Creation of sculptures and firing Anagama and Noborigama





Since 2017 Festival Bédéciné - Espace 110 - Achievements of trophies - Illzach - France

2015 Creation of stoneware compositions for the Forabellio perfume (70 international sales outlets) - Diptyque - Paris -France

2012 Tests and realizations of ceramic shapes for the "Dessous-Dessus" light fixture Constance Guisset - Catberro - Paris - France





Since 2018 Trainer at the European Institute of Ceramic Arts - IEAC - Guebwiller - France

Sandrine Bringard was born in 1986 in Mulhouse where she lives and works. She quickly began a course resolutely turned towards art; first in a training in applied arts in which she approaches drawing, painting, the search for texture and decoration on ceramic.


She continued her studies at the National School of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg.

Magritte by his vision of reality nourished by dreams; Frida Khalo by the singular expression of her feelings and the luminosity of her colors; Rodin's realistic art imbued with sensuality and pain; Daphne Corregan who takes her on a reflection on anthropomorphic containers.

All these artists and their works echo the work of Sandrine Bringard.


She then feels the need to confront the shape, the volume, the curious use of enamels and engobes.

At the same time, she tries out several shaping techniques and cooking methods. Then begins his work as a ceramist using the earth - clay to start her reflection on the Body.


After obtaining her diploma, she left for a year in residence at Thiébaut Chagué, at Terre-Plein Céramique. She discovered high-temperature wood firing and the special requirements of the clay..

This immersion takes her to new forms while reaffirming her theme: the body and body parts.

She interprets the notions of interior - the invisible and the suggested - and the exterior - the visible and space -, orality, language.

Then begins a sculpture work that fits into the world of contemporary ceramics.


It maintains a physical relationship with the Earth; this material endowed with a memory which has the capacity to record the pressure of its fingers; she likes gestures and the use of tools.

Her sculptures are shaped with the Earth plate that she stretches on the ground. She builds her volumes around a void.

She plays with the engobes as if to wrap her pieces with a second skin, raw or colored.

She uses a glossy enamel to capture the light, matt to absorb it as an introspection, the wax as for a thin protective film on a porous form.

The evolution of her work leads her to use other materials for her colors, her textures: rubber, wool, rope, wood, neoprene in filaments ...

Water remains a determining element and a source of inspiration, fueled by the writings of the philosopher, Gaston Bachelard. Water that is never present but evoked by textures, by objects borrowed from the aquatic environment which mutate and which merge with the Body or part of the Body, buoys, pull buoys, floats, bath towel ...


She treats the Body as a container filled with thoughts, moods, fluids.

She exhibits the body parts and the limbs as autonomous "individuals", free to move guided by their feelings.

© Sandrine Bringard - 2020

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