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La jambe

Feet, knees, thighs are the parts of leg that reveal the combative and resistant attitude of this series of sculptures.

Parts of the body that allow it to move, to migrate. They also seek to remain standing, leaning or in balance. But alone, they are unable to cope with a situation of weakness and fragility. Enduring and full of hope, each of them has allied itself with its prosthesis, a supportive partner and alter-ego who seems to support it in the effort.


One is painted in terra cotta and discreetly hides in an anamorphosis, leaving only its fellow creature to appear, which it hoists, all immaculate.

Another is modeled on the spot in raw waxed white like a plaster study. Clinging to the soles of Pull-buoys that hold it to the surface, it stays out of a potential danger that awaits it, safe from possible dissolution.

A third, which comes out of a soft magma of bath sheets, is enamelled in verdigris simulating the patina of copper which oxidizes.

A final one bears the facsimile of an ancient amphora fired in wood with a satin orange slip like a generous and very ripe fruit.

© Sandrine Bringard - 2020

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