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Les bustes

Viscera chests!

This series of busts is devoid of heads . Now only the memories of the consciousnesses embodied by asexual trunks remain. Abdomen placed on the ground, they are reduced to the state of receptacles or tanks.

Some busts are treated smoothly as if the flow of time had gradually softened them.

Others are modeled and then adorned with physiognomic attributes: nose, mouths, ears imprinted in plaster molds then glued by pastillage in the middle of textures and colors imitating mounds of thick and spongy materials.

Latex and soft black rubber are used to constrain the shapes as soon as they are molded or come to crimp and associate with them after baking.


The busts, seat of our intuitions and epicenter of our emotions are the guardians of a second brain which assimilates and records feelings. Internal boilers of the body, they are the place where fear, anxiety and phobias originate.



© Sandrine Bringard - 2020

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