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Les corps tuyautiques

Being hybrid, they use tricks to adapt to the moods that pass through them.

To figure the life-size body, building it in the manner of a puzzle-like mecano formed of dismountable parts, nestable until becoming tools which allow the bodies to mutate and merge.

I roughly modeled them with abounding and moving textures, thus suggesting their transformations.

Some are treated with industrial colors: the bright red of a lifebuoy acting as arms that encircle two legs; or the blue of a worker's clothing from the artisan-worker with rolled up sleeves.

Others are enamelled: like the forms of this “Ophélie”, wall installation covered with a pearly white like the precious interior of a shell spurting out flows of deep black neoprene filaments featuring crude oil; or else the naked body of this summer vacationist coated in pink, reminiscent of the epidermis.


© Sandrine Bringard - 2020

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