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Les organes

Penetrate under the skin. Remove the flesh and bones.

Extract organs and observe body fluids!

Model the organs, faithfully, exaggerating their proportions, shape them to the plate, textured or smooth, but both tense as if they were filled and under pressure.


The first two installations are organ tanks covered with industrial paint with a plastic effect of chrome or bright red colors. They are organized into crazy machinery, connected to each other by a network of tubes and valves. Awkward and urgent grafts, each of them participates in the good system of vital flows. Almost clownish figures, these production units set in motion the visceral pulsations of a recomposed living creature, hastily cobbled together.


A tongue is impaled like a vulgar piece of meat. It is textured and covered with taste buds. Painted in purple color and enhanced with chalk, it is presented lying on a log of burnt wood.


Two lungs plunged for several days in a bath of blue watercolor, marking them with a line of water, then painted in pink, are trapped in metal chains attached to an angular mooring, a weight cast in concrete.

Guilty or simple martyrs, these organs are abused, constrained and vulnerable. The sentences reserved for them act as torture.

© Sandrine Bringard - 2020

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