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Les Vénus accroupies

My research and my attachment to the theme of water have committed me to reinterpreting Venus in the bath.

Venus in the bath, classic canon and mythical symbol of femininity. I wanted to create composite micro-sculptures.

The leg in a squatting position has become the recurring component that punctuates the set. Corals, shells, sponges, floats, mooring ropes, all these treasures collected on the beach come together and make up these seven statuettes. All are irresistibly attracted and come to cluster around this fragment of naked body.


Shaped in the mass then carved out thereafter, each of them is distinguished by a slip of bright colors and contrasted with dark colors charged with oxides.

Their bases, their terraces are meticulously modeled and their textures are reminiscent of the sea brain, tidal bore or even the patterns of the furrows of sand drawn at the bottom of the sea.

Firing with wood inscribes the duality of water and fire in the earth, thus devoting an almost mystical energy to it.

© Sandrine Bringard - 2020

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